Welcome to Financial Milestones.

Individualised Guidance to Grow Your Success and Prosperity

We understand not everyone is as passionate about financial matters as we are. And that’s the drive behind Financial Milestones: to provide expertise and insight in plain English. 

We’re approachable, friendly and keen to have a proper conversation to understand your unique requirements. What’s more, we don’t expect you to pay through the nose for it!  

Whether you’re an individual, small business or start-up, our goal is to fine-tune your finances. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to concentrate on their own endeavours and not be held back by muddled finances.


Our range of services is extensive — from tax accounting and home loans to in-depth business strategies and customised financial guidance. With our amicable and open approach, we hope to help you on your road to success.


Tax Accounting

Do you need professional and personalised tax help? Are you sure that you've claimed all of your allowable taxable deductions?

I'm here to help you optimise and correctly prepare your personal and business tax returns and also provide up-to-date advice on maximising your return.

Peace of mind with the ATO - priceless!


Business Strategies

If you have a great business or business idea, you'll need to structure your business to maximise your profit potential. 

I can help you develop strategies to protect your assets, guard your earnings and optimise your profits.

Your business growth and your control and confidence will skyrocket!


Home Loans

If you’re tired of apartment living or just need a new space to call your own – I can help you find the best loan for your needs!

My tailored approach guides you through the decision making process and also show you how you can pay off your mortgage faster – saving you money.

Say “Hello” to financial independence!

Testimonials 5 Star Rating


I operate a Brisbane Southside MYOB bookkeeping and consultancy business. I have liaised with Derek for a period of time in his capacity as a qualified Accountant.

Derek is an accountant that 'knows his stuff' but which is also able to stay grounded and communicate with clients in a way they can understand.

He is always prompt answering questions and replying to emails (even in busy times) which makes working with him both effortless and a pleasure. I have, without hesitation, recommended Derek to a number of my valuable clients - and without hesitation, recommend him now.

Donna Stone

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