Self Managed Super Funds

Imagine this... you know where your money is going and what it's doing. You can see it growing right in front of you and you know exactly how your investments impact your financial success.

You know these things, because your SMSF is transparent and flexible, and Financial Milestones has helped you structure your finances by showing you exactly how to manoeuver your money to give it the highest impact.

Financial Milestones will help you:

  • Set up an SMSF – including identifying members and trustees, compiling the trust, trust deed and bank account, and assistance with registration.
  • Develop an investment strategy for the beginning, middle, and end of your SMSF.
  • Manage your current SMSF.
  • Advice on how to rollover existing super funds you may have.
  • How to incorporate employer contributions, what contribution limits are and how to optimize yours
  • Assistance with documentation and recordkeeping.
  • Assistance with yearly maintenance such as assessing asset value, preparing accounts and statements for auditing, preparing the annual return, and optimising the SMSF Levy and any associated taxes
  • Evaluation of assets that need to be sold, help with ensuring minimum payments are met and paid on time, as well as assistance with actuary certificates.
  • Wrap up your SMSF with preparation for a final audit, tax return, payment of any remaining taxes and formulating a plan with how to deal with any remaining assets.

From beginning to end, Financial Milestones can help you with your Self-Managed Super Fund!

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